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  • What are your session rates?
    We can discuss these during our Phone Consultation. Additional sessions that last longer than 1 hour are available per request and at times, more beneficial than the standard one-hour-per-week therapy schedule. Check with me for availability and rates.
  • How do I pay?
    Any major credit card, HSA (Health Savings Account) Card or FSA (Flexible Savings Accounts)
  • Do you offer a sliding scale?
    I believe that therapy should be accessible to everyone; for this reason, I reserve a limited number of reduced-fee weekly appointments (based on financial hardship). Please contact me to discuss further. I currently do not have any openings for sliding scale appointments. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please CONTACT ME
  • Do you take commercial insurance?
    I do not bill commercial insurance directly. If you have an insurance plan that includes coverage for out-of-network providers, I am happy to supply you with monthly invoices (called superbills) that you can submit for reimbursement. Check with your plan directly to verify your coverage. You may be asked for the CPT code in order to verify reimbursement rate; the CPT code for the Initial Intake is 90791 and the CPT code for 60-minute individual sessions is 90837. If you want to know the benefits of NOT using insurance, read this link
  • How often will I see you?
    I typically see individual clients once per week. Seeing each other weekly allows for the work to move along at a good pace. We will discuss this when we meet for the initial session and determine as a team what makes sense for your goals, where you are at in your healing, and how you best process.
  • Do you see families or couples?
    I occasionally work with families or couples. We can discuss that as we work together individually. I can also make referrals to excellent LMFT’s (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists).
  • Do you work with adolescents or children?
    I do not work with anyone under the age of 18. And I have excellent referral sources, so please ask for a referral if this is needed.
  • How will I know if you're the right therapist for me?
    I’m so glad you are asking this question! You are dedicating time and resources and want to be sure you are picking the right person. Please consider logistical factors (office location, availability) as well as personal factors (my training and expertise, personality, and ‘the feel’ you get from our phone consultation). Sometimes you have to be in a room with someone before you truly have a feel for the person. The first couple of face-to-face sessions can continue to inform your decision and we can talk about any ongoing reservations or concerns you might have. An initial phone conversation should be able answer some of these questions – if you’re not sure what to ask, here is a great article* that gives suggestions of what to ask.
  • How long will it take before I feel better?
    It depends. I’m not trying to dodge the question! It’s truly difficult to tell you how long it will take for you to feel better. Generally, the more you put into therapy (during the session & between sessions), the more you’ll get out of it and the faster you will feel better.
  • Do you offer Telehealth?
    Yes. Secure, private video appointments are available if you are unable to come into the office. In some cases, we can do telehealth from another State, but we’ll have to check on those permissions before you travel. If you move to another state, we most likely will not be able to continue. (An Interstate Counseling Compact is in the works in several states and I’m hoping Arizona will join in soon.)
  • What days/hours do you schedule appointments?
    Tuesday-Thursday – 11am -7pm (latest appointment 6pm) Fridays 10am – 4pm (latest appointment 3pm)
  • How do I schedule my first appointment?
    All initial appointments are set by us after we have a conversation (the 15-minute consultation) and we both determine to take the next step and meet. Here is a helpful article* that talks about what to ask during the consultation.
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