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Anxiety Therapy

Do you have a sense that you are worrying more than you should?

Are you too stressed out to fall asleep at night even though you are exhausted?

Are you worried about your job performance? Is it difficult to concentrate or focus?

Do you stress about your health and possible future illnesses?

Do you tend to be on time for work & events with family, but still stress out about being late? Do household chores feel overwhelming?


You might feel restless and on edge while feeling exhausted at the same time. You might have your mind go completely blank when the thought or idea you needed was right there a second ago. You might at times feel disconnected from your body, or like things around you aren’t real. Doing anything feels like it takes SO much energy and you just don’t have it in you another day to push. You used to enjoy several activities as well as your family & friends, but now, nothing sounds fun and you have cut yourself off from everyone.


What is it like to have Anxiety?

“I was worried all the time and felt nervous. My family told me that there were no signs of problems, but I still felt upset. I dreaded going to work because I couldn’t keep my mind focused. I was having trouble falling asleep at night and was irritated at my family all the time.

I saw my doctor and explained my constant worries and terrible sleep. My doctor sent me to someone who knows about Anxiety. Now I am working with a counselor to cope better with my anxiety. I had to work hard, but I feel better. I’m glad I made that first call to my doctor.”

You Aren’t Alone

In several studies across the years, we have consistently found there to be about 6.4% of the population who have the symptoms to meet criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). That translates out to about 22 million people who at some point in their life will be diagnosed with GAD. This doesn’t include all the people who do not reach out for help with these symptoms and just struggle on their own in silence.


Your Health & Relationships will suffer if you do nothing


Our bodies can handle a lot of anxiety, but they also need time to recover and feel safe & connected. If your anxiety goes unchecked for too long, your immune system will falter, and you could get sick with colds & flu more often than you used to. Many people with anxiety suffer with IBS and other gut disorders. If the tension in your body that you feel every day doesn’t have a release, your sleep issues will get worse. You might develop headaches, notice a racing heart and sweaty palms.


Feeling like this all the time, you might have noticed that you just keep pulling further and further way from friends, extended family and possibly even the family you live with. You struggle to make any decisions often deferring to those around you to make them all. You doubt yourself—no matter how much your family and friends encourage you. You feel unheard & misunderstood by everyone. Please don’t let the isolation become worse.

Let us help you find the freedom to enjoy your life again without all the stress and worry.


What’s “normal” worry vs. prolonged anxiety?


Everyone has worries and stressors. How is your anxiety interfering with your life?  How long has anxiety been allowed to interfere with the great life you had created or want to create? If you worry and you can stop procrastinating to do what’s needed with confidence, that’s normal.  However, if you continue to procrastinate, refer to yourself as “lazy” and lack any confidence to get going, then you need help with this anxiety.


I’ve worked with many clients over the year who have been knocked down by anxiety, doubts, fears and failed attempts to do it on their own. Sometimes people come to me because other therapy didn’t work and they are courageous enough to try again with someone else.  Please let me help you learn the skills to face your fears and create a life worth living again.


Anxiety Therapy May Add Years to Your Life (and Save You Money!)


Health care is expensive and getting more so every day. Let me help you greatly reduce your chronic stress so you do not develop those long term health issues, or possibly reverse some that might have started developing.


Let me help you have a sense of control back in your life. There is no judgement in therapy with me. Everyone receives understanding for what’s happened to you in the past. And, you can set the pace for what you want to accomplish.


What to Expect When you Start Anxiety Therapy


We will start with a bunch of questions—to help me get to know you as an individual and become familiar with your background. Then, we’ll discuss your most pressing goals and prioritize what you want to work on first. Your treatment will be personalized to your needs. You will leave your sessions with proven skills that will bring the anxiety down; or to keep it from starting.


Is Anxiety Therapy worth it?


In my over 17 years of helping people, I have learned that it really helps to have a therapist who knows the science and a coach to help motivate, keep you accountable and moving towards your goals. And, when something new comes up that you weren’t expecting, I can assist you to overcome those obstacles as well. With the help of an anxiety therapist, you can escape the cycle of "worry thoughts" and intense dread and move into a life of freedom and joy.



You May Have Some Concerns About

Online Anxiety Therapy…

Is online anxiety therapy worth the investment?

If you could have found relief from anxiety on your own, you would have already. We all need a little help sometimes, and it’s worth speaking to a professional with a proven track record of helping individuals overcome anxiety. Even with us on video, my clients are feeling connected, seen and heard.

Does online therapy work/is it as effective?

I have found online therapy to be very meaningful. Sometimes people find it more helpful than in-person therapy. This is because, you can be in control of your own environment. You can have things around you that help you feel calm. And, you never have to get into your car. All therapy treatments, described above, can be available and successful using online therapy.

Is online therapy private? How does it work?

The most important thing is to have privacy. You'll want to do everything possible to make sure you are in a private space where it is unlikely you will be heard or interrupted. You may need to ask others in your space to respect your privacy by doing things like turning on entertainment in another room or listening to something on headphones.

In addition, you will want to put a box of tissues next to where you will be. If you want, pour yourself a glass of water or tea. You will want to turn off any notifications as best you can and turn off smartphones.

My anxiety seems worse than anyone else’s. How can you help?

Everybody’s anxiety is unique. By identifying the roots of your anxiety, I’m able to personalize my anxiety treatment to your specific needs and goals. I’ve heard it all in my years as an anxiety therapist, and I’ve seen that even severe anxiety can be managed with the right approach and support.

Do I have to be on medication as well as attend therapy?

Sometimes medication can be helpful if anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance. But it isn’t always necessary, and many of my clients are able to manage anxiety with therapy alone. Together, we can discuss different treatment options and decide on the best path for your unique needs.

You Can Free Yourself from Anxiety

Take the Next Step

Think we might be a good fit? Simply contact us for a free consultation. Offering online counseling and phone calls in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more about our a HIPAA compliant Telehealth therapy.

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