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Trainings - for Therapists

Are you ready to do your EMDR Therapy training?  Are you eager to help clients with their past hurts, present triggers and future goals? Have you heard that EMDR Therapy is good for more than just PTSD and you just aren’t sure this is true? Could it really work with depression, addiction or even psychosis—and other issues?

Do you wonder which EMDR Therapy training might be best for you and therefore your clients? Have you asked other counselors, therapists and providers about their training only to get more confused about which Training Institute to use? There are so many Trainers and organizations out there now who are offering EMDR Therapy Basic Training and it can be confusing to know which one to choose.


The good news is that EMDR Therapy is a well research, Evidence Based Protocol for the healing of PTSD as well as other diagnoses. Both SAMSHA and the WHO highly recommend EMDR Therapy as a primary treatment of PTSD as well as Complex PTSD.

The great news is that I can describe why our training is going to give you the best preparation to be about to go back to your office and start using EMDR Therapy. And it will give you great questions so you can check other training programs against this one to make sure this is the best EMDR Therapy Basic Training for you!

EMDR Professional Training makes the following claims—which are true!

Their EMDR Therapy Basic Training is and includes:

  • Approved by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). Our EMDRIA approved program adheres to high-quality standards, required content, and current research.


  • Three-part training program comprised of 57 training hours and 47 CE’s with practicum and 10 hours consultation. Our training is 7 hours beyond EMDRIA’s requirement, and our 10 hours of consultation are included without extra fees or time beyond training.


  • Comprehensive learning experience covering the history, theories and practical application of EMDR therapy with extra attention to complex trauma, dissociation, and specialty populations.


  • Max 8 participants in breakout groups with our facilitators and EMDRIA approved consultants.


  • Online course companion with three course manuals, bonus materials, follow up videos, and assessments.


  • Private online community with your enrollment for further collaboration with your peers, facilitators, and trainers.


  • Upon completion of your training, you may consider certification, advanced training, and professional support through our growing membership community--all available at EMDR Professional Training. 


Some trainings are 5 day “Intensives” – however, the feedback I have heard during Consultation time with those trained in this manner is that they aren’t sure where to start, they feel super overwhelmed and lack any confidence that they can do this therapy – even with a Consultant to check in with.

Some training courses are even less than 5 days – and are NOT approved by EMDRIA. It is vital that you choose a training program that has been vetted by EMDRIA. These trainings (that are fewer than 5 days) don’t offer enough practice and support during training to be able to help you effectively and ethically apply EMDR Therapy to all your clients.

The good news about working with me as your trainer—our group will be small and intimate. You’ll have plenty of time for questions and practice. You’ll have the assistance you need to try something new, make mistakes and get gentle, supportive correction to encourage your use of EMDR Therapy.


Next steps

Use this link to go and Register for the Training at EMDR Professional Training’s website. All the information regarding fees and payment options will available for you.

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