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Clinical Supervision 
for Your Group Practice

Do you need help with Clinical Supervision in your Group Practice?

Are you a Group Practice owner looking for someone to help offer diverse clinical supervision to your team? Have your group practice clinicians been asking for help with cases that are outside of your scope of practice? Do you need someone you can trust to help reduce the number of clinical supervision hours you provide each week?


Maybe you’re a clinical supervisor with amazing specialties in certain modalities or client populations but you’re finding that your group practice is drawing clients that are not in your specialty. You would like to be able to offer those services to these prospective clients. If you’re noticing that clients are calling who have issues with anxiety and OCD, panic or borderline personality disorder, I can help!


As a group practice owner, I’m sure you wanted to help make a change to the field (compared to community mental health agencies) and make sure that anyone you hired would be provided with a broad range of experiences and a chance to explore various niches. However, you want clients and your practice to be safe, so you need help providing clinical supervision that is outside of your scope of practice personally.


Maybe you have been trying to do the clinical supervision, but you just don’t like it. You like doing the administrative side of the business, and still working with clients! Maybe you’re thinking:  if only someone else would come in and do individual clinical supervision or run a board approved Supervision group with all of my staff, that would be a huge help! 

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