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Christian Therapy

Are you struggling with your Christian Faith?


Have you been praying and it seems like no one is answering? Do you feel far from God?

Do you need a safe place to ask the tough questions that get simple answers in church, but those answers don’t help?

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Are you confused by Scriptures that say “be anxious for nothing” and you have really tried, but you’re still anxious?

Do you find yourself reading the Bible, looking for answers and just getting more confused when some scripture seems to contradict itself?

Is it wrong to question?

No! All questions are welcome!

There are some communities and churches where questions are discouraged and only the Pastor, Bishop or senior leadership can give guidance about anything you might be wondering about or feel deeply concerned and conflicted about. Your doubts and questions are met with circular reasoning that makes everything more confusing. I would like to provide a space where we can do heart-felt pondering, and curious exploration.

In your work with me, your doubts and fears are welcome! In fact, Christian Therapy is one of the best places to investigate these! 

It Is Not Your Fault


And it’s not the “will of God” for you to struggle this much and feel this alone. Many Christians struggle with the same questions, emotions, and thoughts that you are struggling with now.  

Is it Satan?

I've heard so many times people blame Satan for the struggle with emotions or other physical symptoms that we are having. It's so much easier to blame Satan for things that you don't know the answer to--or you're afraid that someone is going to give a "worldly" answer. The problem with this is--if we blame Satan for what we are experiencing, we give Satan too much power--which he loves! Also, if we blame Satan, we don't take responsibility and look for ways that we can impact our own healing. 

​I'm not saying that there aren't spiritual forces at work! But, we need to explore options before we just sink into suffering like good little Christians. Let's not give up as if this is just our cross to bear. 

​I'm also not saying that you are not undergoing some temptations, but we can explore these to determine a good approach to them rather than just continuing to endure the situation. God promised us peace & joy! 

​With some good Christian Counseling, I would really like to hear what you are experiencing and explore together what might be going on. Let’s find the power that God wants to give you and the wisdom the Holy Spirit gives so generously.

How Does Christian Therapy Work?


We will discuss together how Christian Therapy can work for you. If you want prayer during sessions, we can do that. If you just want to talk, we can do that too.

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We can read and refer to the Bible together, if that is something that is helpful to your work. Or, if you don’t want to read the Bible or any other Christian authors, we don’t have to do that.

I also use different types of therapy protocols to help you explore your thoughts and emotions and where you feel stuck—particularly in your relationship to God.

There are no “should’s” or “supposed to’s” when we take an adventure through your situation. I don’t have any secret messages to help you become perfect. In fact, that might be some of the deepest work we do—to accept that we are human and won’t be perfect in this lifetime.

With Help and Support, You Can Have Peace and Calm.

My clients tell me that they feel heard by me. They say that they can sense that I understand what they are going through.

They describe me as non-judgmental, open, empathic, and warm. As we get to know each other, I can hold space for us to explore the tough questions and worries you have. I will serve as a compassionate guide, helping you stay balanced and not stray too far.

What Sets Me Apart From Other Therapists?

Throughout my years as a Christian, I studied the Bible, led small groups, attended Seminary, studied mission work, went out on the mission field, worked with missionaries and was part of a team to plant a church in the Pacific Northwest.

Throughout my years as a Psychotherapist, I have studied how best to help people change their behaviors and emotions. I have studied how to help people learn to accept difficult experiences and concepts. I am good at helping others discern when the church might actually be hurting them more than helping them—yet, still maintaining a relationship with God if that is what they want.

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Christian Therapy is Highly Effective.


In fact, the Journal of Psychology and Theology has published several studies that have demonstrated the improved outcomes when we weave together a focus on Spiritual Practices and good therapy practices. We are finding that persons’ physical health is improved as well with various Spiritual Practices.  

If you have spoken to your spiritual leaders, priest, pastor, or bishop and it's sort of helped, but there are just still so many struggles, Christian counseling is the best place to find some peace.

You may have questions or concerns about treatment…


Will you judge me for having questions?

No! I provide a safe and welcoming environment for discussing and processing any issues. As a result, you will be accepted regardless of sexual, gender, cultural, or spiritual orientation. You can have a place to vent and express yourself without censoring. Unfortunately, the church can often feel like a place where you are not accepted—worse yet, that really bad things will happen when you die if you don’t act right and think right. Luckily, this is changing, but may have impacted you emotionally.

No one wants to feel like they are bad, or that there are a set of rules they must follow that are not very clear. Why are some rules/laws right, but others aren’t any longer due to time and context? I will help you separate your feelings & thoughts from who you are as a Christian, loved by God so you no longer feel ashamed or stuck. Instead, you can grow into your fullest, most empowered self.

Do I need to be on medication to work with you?

Because depression & anxiety (and some other disorders) are biologically-based—in other words, a chemical imbalance—I might advise working with a psychiatrist—at least, having a conversation with one. While working with me, I can listen to your concerns and fears around this type of treatment and we can decide what is most manageable. Truly, you don’t have to be alone in this. I can help.

There is hope for a close personal relationship with God and freedom from all those intrusive thoughts & fears!

Next Steps....

Interested in Christian Therapy and think we might be a good fit? Simply contact me for a free consultation. Offering online counseling and phone calls in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more about our a HIPAA compliant Telehealth therapy.


It's time you move forward and become the free, peaceful and powerful Christian you have been longing to be!

Please reach out soon.


Helpful Christian Therapy Resources:


Grace Alliance/Grace Groups – Support for your journey (live or on-line) Find a Grace Group  

24/7 Prayer Line:  1-866-987-7729 HIS Radio

             You can also text prayer requests 1-866-987-7729  

Crossroads prayer line 24/7 1-866-987-7729 Crossroads Prayer Line or click link to submit a prayer on-line

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