Since 2007, we have been providing supervision services to Master’s level student interns and those seeking Independent Licensure, whether Counselor, Social Worker or Marriage & Family Therapist (LAC, LMSW, or LAMFT).

As my supervisor, Kelly allowed me to process my challenges in my own way. She understood my learning style by observation. She gave me room to be myself and offered me support and guidance when I needed it. She was thorough, trustworthy and available when I needed her. She kept excellent records and followed through – all qualities that are essential for a supervisor.

-Sharon Sudol, LPC

 You can find us on the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Registry. I make sure to maintain the right educational CEU’s to continue to provide supervision.

It’s important to consider the types of modalities you want to learn as you develop your skills as a Professional Counselor.
Modalities I have experience using extensively:


  • EDMR

  • DBT &CBT

  • ACT

  • Motivational Interviewing  

  • Prolonged Exposure

  • Mindfulness

  • The Importance of Self-Care 

I have comprehensive experience as a trainer in all these modalities during my years participating & leading the Phoenix Interfaith Counseling Residency Training Program. As your supervisor, I will train you in all these modalities and ensure that you are developing the skills to know when to apply which modality. I also understand that you will come with your own set of experiences and knowledge and will look forward to you developing your own voice and style. I want to draw out your creativity and ability to work with all kinds of people.

Due to my work in Community Mental health for 16 years and understanding the importance of meeting several regulatory agencies' requirements, I will make sure we maintain the appropriate documentation of our time together.

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